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LAGOON Limited is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices in Hangzhou / China, Istanbul / Turkey and in Germany. We are one of the leading full-service suppliers of medium to high-end textiles from Asia (China, Myanmar, Bangladesh) & Europe (Turkey, Portugal, Italy) and produce not only customised materials for the European market but also textiles that are up to speed with the latest trends. 

In addition to our main item knitted products, our portfolio features tops, jackets, down jackets and other items made from a variety of different materials that are sold by the meter. We also specialise in cashmere.

As an international company, we offer a full assortment of textile goods for mid- and high-level brands coupled with personalised consultation and first-class service.

With headquarters in Hong Kong and branch offices in Hangzhou / China, Istanbul / Turkey, we are able to keep pace with increasing competition and the globalisation of our market. Quality, efficiency, innovation and an attractive pricing policy are a given at LAGOON Limited.

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